Day at Tusk & Dawn

For visitors on their maiden journey, one can easily spend a day just soaking in the freshness, greenery and the environs. On reaching, treat yourself to a gastronomic lunch. After lunch you can either explore the nooks, the waterfall or take a 1 ½ hour simple trek or simply pamper yourself with a power nap

At 5.00 p.m. get ready for the mountain ride. This short ride leaves you breathless on top of the mountain as you can soak in the 360° panoramic view. It is a photographer’s delight and watching the sun set amidst these mountains is an experience you will never forget.

On reaching back, get ready for the camp fire and enjoy a quite late evening. An ideal opportunity to discover your own latent talent in singing or dancing or do nothing but just stargazing.


Tusk & Dawn is a place where time standstill and it is an ideal place that offers every guest unforgettable memories.


Explore many trekking paths that surround Tusk & Dawn. Paths that invisibly line every mountain. Through streams, into forests, over hills and into valleys. Walking is the best way to discover more of these little wonders. Talk to our trekking guide and he will detail you several options.


Tusk & Dawn is the base camp for the famed Great Escape Rally organized by Mahindra & Mahindra and for a score of other private off-road groups. On regular basis, we do offer our guests a short off-road experience at an additional cost.


Come discover the joy of walking in nature. Enjoy beauty of mother earth without losing yourself when you visit Tusk and Dawn.


Nothing is more beautiful than hearing the roar of a waterfall. Let the water element purify your mind & body, in the most natural way by visiting the waterfall at the far end of Tusk & Dawn.


Explore your photography skills to capture the myriad of stunning mountains, grass land, natural stream & man-made water bodies, flora & fauna, which you’ll find all around you at Tusk & Dawn.


After exploring the nature, if you have still have time on hand, indulge yourself in indoor & outdoor games – ranging from Carrom board, Chess, Table Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton to name a few. These only add extra happiness to every guest’s lists - from children to adults, and help in bonding, even as you unwind at Tusk & Dawn


As the sun sets, with night getting cooler, guests invariably look for Camp Fire. They huddle around the Camp Fire and indulge themselves in various activities – Antakshari, Mimicry, Dumb Charades, or just get into animated conversation in the warmth of Camp Fire under the open sky. Tusk & Dawn offers Camp Fire at earmarked places for guests to enjoy their evening.


Tusk & Dawn owing to its pristine environment often has very clear sky and makes it a paradise for Stargazing. Research reports have stated that, Stargazing eases our mind, rejuvenates our soul, and makes us more compassionate toward others. If you find yourself searching for peace, calm, and a sense of purpose Stargazing is a desired activity. However, a word of caution – During monsoon, owing to heavy cloud cover, Stargazing is not possible.


Professional massage service is available on prior appointment. Charges will depend on the type of massage and start from Rs. 750/- for one session per person. For more details contact the resort manager, prior to your arrival.